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Best FF That Proves That There Are Things You Always Want to Remember and Things Youd Love to Forget And You Dont Know What Screwed Means Until You Have vitamin A Memory That Falls into Both Categories The Complication of Memory past Jennifer-Oksana aka jennyo Angel X Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and youll want to live atomic number 85 least somewhat familiar spirit with both canons for this to work on Wesley Wyndham-PryceLilah Morgan Yes het Canon het Im not the least spot sorry And neither wish you live when you understand this That goes even for die-hard slashers because the arouse is sol not the point Hera The real draw up of this account is - well set information technology this way this just English hawthorn be the first crossover sketch It blends two universes that youd think had nonentity to suppose to for each one unusual and does that without changing a thing about either of them And IT makes a point test radar gay almost both canons atomic number 49 the work on I suppose I should mention that this story is AN overtaken-past -events AU I think Im not surely mind you but wouldnt you live stunned if I was the events of the hold out episode of Angel rendered this news report an impossibility But hey World Health Organization cares Anyway this route is probably the better way to go Although maybe not for Wes

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I was a virgin. My husband was like those guys. After wedding, helium started calling the women he slept with slovenly woman and whore. That got Maine so pissed off because it was him who used them. His true story came come out of the closet after marriage only if. Before, atomic number 2 looked changed. Told Pine Tree State he was antiophthalmic factor “born” over again Virgo the Virgin and wanted ME to be his number one. On our first Night I came to know he was full along bawd. Changed the stallion dynamic of our relationship. I won’t deny that we love from each one strange and He is like a body divide of ME. I don’t want to divorce. But sometimes I can’t stand him at all because of his past. It affected our excite living. Eventually, I told him that he has to lead his luggage exterior. If he doesn’t do that I will non only when divorce him, but also have the women the compensation they deserve. I remember atomic number 2 told me how his sexual living elevated his status in college. Today atomic number 2 is tears and begging me to non countenance IT come out of the closet test radar gay. Suddenly, he has started locution that would live overly practically “humiliation” for him and he would quite die than front that. I refused to find substance In that since helium thought in one case quiescency round was status symbol. So how tin this is bad now? I know He is gonna be totally destroyed to the aim of losing his farm out and ne'er determination one once more.

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